We Are Just Write Curriculum Design, Development and Writing  

“Next Level Curriculum Design, Development, and Writing Services”

    • Curriculum based in Next Generation Learning Standards 
    • Strategic development of what is taught and learned in an educational setting (K-12)
    • Developed, designed, and written by educators with over 20 years of experience 
    • Culturally Responsive lesson design and development utilizing Dr. Gholdy Muhammad's 5 Pursuits (Identity, Skills, Intellect, Criticality, and Joy)
    • Lessons curated that encourage acknowledgement and expression of cultures
    • We provide professional development 
    • In order to ensure the effectiveness and relevance of the curriculums, we implemented much of what has been written to date with a carefully selected model group of students. This allowed us to gather valuable feedback, assess the curriculum's impact, and make necessary refinements.

To get started, contact us at awayne@wearejustwrite.org and/or jhall@wearejustwrite.org